Blood Red Shoes: Live in Hamburg

Blood Red Shoes: Live in Hamburg

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We dug deep into the archives for this one. Full live set recorded from our show at Hamburg Docks, Germany, on 24th May 2012. Just as our third album In Time To Voices came out.

We hired a sound company to record the show at the time and for some reason the tech they sent kept stopping and starting the recording for every separate song, and he missed a few song starts, and mistakenly thought some songs had finished when they hadn't. So there are a few wonky bits but that's jazz life baby. 

Full 70 minute live set in mp3 and WAV format. 


01 - It's Getting Boring By The Sea
02 - Don't Ask
03 - Cold
04 - Say Something, Say Anything
05 - Heartsink
06 - In Time To Voices
07 - When We Wake
08 - Down Here In The Dark
09 - Light It Up
10 - This Is Not For You
11 - Keeping It Close
12 - You Bring Me Down
13 - Lost Kids
14 - I Wish I Was Someone Better

15 - It Is Happening Again
16 - Colours Fade
17 - Je Me Perds